Monday, June 25, 2007

Cloud Cruise Liner

On the great Cloud Cruise Liner Skyship the richest of the rich travel this world at a leisurely pace. This massive airship cruise liner has no equal. Every possible luxury is on board along with the most exotic of entertainment. Still, the most popular pastime is sit on the ship's deck or look out its massive windows and to simply watch the clouds float by.

Passengers are loaded and unloaded via smaller airships seen here. This airship rarely moors.


Marumae said...

Mmm Luxury liner, I wouldn't mind taking one of those. I don't suppose Gnemo can send me a free pass?

Great work!

Unknown said...

Very nice concepts, you make it look easy to do, I guess you have been really there, nobody can have so much imagination..:)

Anonymous said...

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