Thursday, December 07, 2006

Canyon Temple

A great advantage of polytheistic cultures is the all the wonderful and varied temples that are built. Every god needs a home and it needs to be one that truly honors the god. Here is one of the many drawings of temples you’ll find in Gnemo’s sketchbook. Not that it’s important to appreciate the art but these people are actually metaphorical polytheists. I felt the need to be specific because it does make a difference in the story if not the art.

One thing I wonder though, with all the work they did on the temple, why did they built a flimsy rope bridge instead of a stone one? Perhaps constructing a loose and swaying bridge over a perilously high cavern to reach the temple emphasizes the firm power of the god within. I should post the interior next.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gnemo's Sketch Journal on my website

This is a new beginning. The title link above will take you to the low resolution and full color version of Gnemo’s Journal on my website (around 20 pages at this point). If you have a problem linking to it, as a couple of people have complained about, it’s because your internet security is blocking the site. You may have to turn it off. If you know how I can fix this problem with my server, let me know.

I’m working on a higher resolution version of the sketchbook/journal that can be read much easier. You’ll likely find it frustrating though if you don’t have a large monitor and a fast connection.

Instead of pages from the sketchbook, I’ve decided to use this blog to put up newly “found” Gnemo art. It’ll be mostly drawings with the occasional painting. When I add new pages to the sketchbook I’ll make an announcement here.

It’s time to put up some architecture. You might think I’d get tired of doing these cityscapes but I never do. If I had my way I’d replace the rectangular glass blight I see in too many cities with something more inspiring.