Sunday, February 04, 2007

Brief Stories

One cold, sad and lonely night Gnemo found a musical place where he could reflect on all that had happened to him. The cavernous room was empty but for him and a musician.

The patterns these ladies created with their ultra-light fabric was hypnotic.

Giant airships carry massive cargo across the rocky continent.

The working class neighborhood had the most intricate and colorful architecture.

The durantees nose was a deadly weapon.

The aeros dove deep into the cold water for their daily diet of fish.

Six limbs are better than four.


Michael Dooney said...

This is great. I've always loved seeing your pencil stuff and now that I've found your blog (s) I can get a regular dose...wa-hoo.
You do such great fantasy architecture, not the frilly bullsh*t that lots of fantasy artists do, no sir, yours is real solid and three dimensional...but you already knew that ;)
Okay, I'm watchin now....

Tom Kidd said...

Thanks Mike. Consider yourself bookmarked.

Anonymous said...

Tom, love the areos feeding. Really great piece and overall movement. Thnaks for the message you left me; lets go out more ourselves, and feed on the visual memories waiting to be picked - and digested.

Tom Kidd said...

Hey Beet,

What's the next step after the visual memories are digested? Sorry, but my mind always go to the scatological.

I do agree though and I was just doing that today even though it's quite cold. The ice and snow melting and refreezing always has surprises for me. Thanks.

Mark Reep said...

Love the drawings. What a range of subject matter- Good stuff, all!